Monday, July 11, 2011

Senior Check Out......

Today was one of the most memorable days of my life. I signed my diploma documents and placed my signature on my LSU check out papers. Many of my family members and friends know what it took for me to get here and LORD  knows it was not an easy road. It started for me in 2005 right before hurricane Katrina when i enrolled in Delgado Community College City Park Campus in Nola, then god sent rain, and wind our way, some say it was the devil but i say GOD knows all and sees all. I moved to Oklahoma and attended OSU-OKC and majored in Business Administration, instead of getting my degree, in which i completed all my classes, i transfer to LSU. I was in Oklahoma when i realized that Fashion was a love and made me happy! I worked as an associate and visual merchandiser for Lane Bryant and loved it, but unfortunate it did not pay well and i had to take on another job. I learned that LSU had Fashion and it did not take me no time on March in 2008 to pack my apartment and my cousin and i was in New Orleans by 3pm the next day in a U-Haul with my car on back ***Longest ride ever***.

I enrolled in LSU School of Human Ecology fall semester as a visitor student to see if i would like it and i did. Unfortunate they did not take all my transfer credits and i had to take some business classes over. Fashion Merchandising, Business and Leadership was my major.  I set out 2 semester due to funds but Fashion was on the mind and nothing was going to get in the way of me going back to school.........Leading up to this senior check out are experiences and tribulations. Learning the history of fashion and how we got from there to NOW is unbelievable.......But this is a Journey that i'm happy to be on. 

 I have so much to talk about and so many fashion students/friends I'm going to interview and post on the blog so that yall can see and experience what i have for the past 3 years...

 LSU School of Human Ecology

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