Thursday, July 14, 2011

No MORE Faith 21 .

FOREVER 21 + has upgraded their plus size section! Yeah bout time! This was a store that i never shopped at because the Faith 21 section went from a big room to a small room to an area to 2 racks in the store; What the F^%k? 

So i decided i'm not going back and a friend of mine took me with her and i was very shocked when i seen that they have changed their plus size section from Faith to Forever 21 +.......  Even thought their cloths are made from acrylic and if you wash and dry them improperly your out of luck. This is a big improvement on styles for curvy people that i have seen and i will buy items from them but you will find a better selection online rather then going in the store.

Skinny Ripped Jeans are my fav....... for some reason i looked in mt closet and found 6 pairs of skinny ripped jeans and 3 of them the same color. But as fashion goes you can put any type of blouse with them and you have a fit. 
Below are some items that are in my favorite list.

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