Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween for the Curvy Ones!

Halloween is right around the corner and as we all know it can sometimes be hard for us to find a costume that fits right…...I scoped the internet and came across a site called Hips & Curves. The site is full of costumes that look flattering on the Plus size woman and very sexy! The prices are very reasonable and ranging from $18- $60 without shipping.

This site also sells, lingerie, corsets, panties and bras But what I think is the best is the BEDROOM COSTUMES…LOL

 GOTHIC NURSE--------------------------------------->

                                                                    BURLESQUE CORSET


Jet Setter 

Being a fan of the all Saints holiday, I love dressing up and going to parties. Last year I was a cowgirl (homemade costume) and the year before that I was Flash dance (homemade), but this year I think I'm going to go all out and get be a Jet Setter!  

Happy Halloween LADIES!!!!!!