Monday, August 1, 2011

Voluptuous Vixen

Instead of thinking that curvy girls love Fashion, why not Come and view the love we have for these items we all call clothing...Everyone know that i LOVE NEW ORLEANS but what some of you don't know is that, i also tour our city on a daily bases. When you drive by some place, just like you did yesterday, you will see something new and you may not realize that FASHION is hidden behind thoes walls. 

Ducked off on 538 Madison St # 1A in the French Quarters is curvy girl heaven....lmbo, but i'm so serious! When i walked in VV my style of fashion was right in front of my face and i went crazy. Via VV , Catering to sizes 12-28 and showcasing the latest ready-to-wear collections from around the world. This boutique is very chic and makes curvy women who once had a challenge in finding stylish clothing easy.....Check them out! 

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