Friday, July 22, 2011


I have been seeing "Celebrities" with these earrings on for a while and heard  about Poparazzi for a long time. I have never order anything from her YET! But i have places an order and will be updating yall about quality soon.

The Earrings that are in the pic to the right are called Gossip and they retail at $90.00 . I have an major issue with buying costume jewelry that's expensive but if the quality is good, YOU HAVE MY BUSINESS!

She also sales Rosary, Bracelets and has a Men Collections

The Feathers are listed on the Site as Mohawk color Aqua and retails at $25.00. They come in different colors and styles

Information about Designer via POPARAZZI
Amber eUnique, grew up on the West end of Los Angeles, California where she developed a keen eye for fashion designs. As a young girl, she expressed interest in sparkly themes, and bold clothing which represents many aspects of her vivacious personality. While turning heads and raising eyebrows from her eclectic "style", she discovered there was high demand for a new kind of fashionable repertoire.

Amber began her creative career by designing custom one-of-a-kind pieces for high-end boutiques, celebrities, pop culture and fashion icons such as Amber Rose, and Kim Kardashian.
The flare radiated throughout the industry, sparking a massive flame, allowing her to distinctively set her brand by originality. Her designs became known as " A Girls Bestfriend".


<<<-----THESE ARE VERY HOTTTT "Blizzard Bamboo" $185.00 

If the prices are a little to expensive  below are alternatives, that's available thru Charlotte Russe. Which, has a host of feather earrings and earrings that has that flat sheet of gold style that range from $4- $6.50

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