Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Over it...

I had to get back to me and when I tell you I did and it was fast.... The best thing about getting over this person is that, his baby mother helped me get over him. I was so many fat ugly b*#*!es in her words until, it became funny. This crazy woman sent me 27 text messages in a matter of 2 hr in the morning, a real woman would have been working!  I was never the kind of woman who down another woman because of looks but, this hot mess thought or let me say think she is irreplaceable. Hunnnniiieee they are meant for each other. This girl went thru hoops, stalking my FACEBOOK and IG account. Sending friend request from her family members page, who does that? A woman who is insecure and intimidated by another woman. And, if I carried myself like her I would be a fool. I realized fast, they were meant to be together and i was done. I'm over it and it was the past. It made me a better person. And it was a lesson learned... So I tried but, ladies I understood he wanted to be with a girl not a woman and he wasn't getting that with me. I'm happy he left. I'm a Grown Woman and Live a Grown Woman Life..... he could not keep up. So I will continue to blog while YOU watch, hate and talk. Besides, it's my blog and I write what I want! .

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  1. I love it... when they talk they bless you I love your blog!