Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lets Get Gifted

I had the pleasure of rocking a Viva LA Brooklyn shirt Labor Day weekend and the compliments I got about this one tee was crazy!

Gifted Apparel  NYC is a clothing company birth out of Brooklyn NY.
What i love about this company is, not only do they have that east coast flare, they showcase to everyone who are drawing to that style of clothing. 
What caught my eye about this company was their bio,  yes their bio. I may be the only person who reads a bio about a company but they wrote

" Gifted Apparel prides itself on representing the gifted side in all of us. Through our designs we offer art, style, and a urban flare that connects all of us to the same motto; "its time to be gifted!" We have brought something back to the t-shirt culture that has been missing for far too long, and our goal is to share it with everyone. "

I agree with this 100% , this company is bringing back the rawness of  rocking a T-shirts! 

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