Saturday, June 29, 2013

Polka Dot Fever...............

I Purchased this dress from Asos, yes i know that's my favorite online boutique! I'm blogging it before it becomes to big, i have dropped 27lbs and i'm very proud of myself... Knowing that i will be the face of my Clothing line, i'm pushing myself even more at the gym...I hope you guys like it, because i do! i have been going barefoot on the blog due to the fact i hate wearing shoes and than, i'm a clothing blogger, an i think shoes are important, but not on this blog... My fashion is my dress and i think i can look hot without shoes!

Now Back to the I have a thing for Polka Dots and asos curve always give me life! The design team really pulled off this dress, with the flowers and the polka dots blended at the bottom, it gives this dress a real sexy look, without being to much!

My face on these pics are priceless... it was hot! 

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