Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Monogram *update*

Since the 80's and 90's fashion are being mixed together, it would only be right for the fab accessories of the 90's  to make a big come back!  I'm completely head over hills for Jennifer Zeuner, but when a good price and not bad of a quality comes in play, this girl don't mind going cheap......  Love Always is an accessories store online and they also do the monogram chain...Great right? Well the look isn't as clean cut like Jennifer Zeuner but its great for the price and its real gold and sliver also! They don't have different fonts but I order me one and will post when it comes in!

SN- I was informed that its made from the same material and LOVE ALWAYS  wanted and do make jewelry that's affordable to everyone and i must say..I agree with that, not everyone can afford a $260 monogram chain and when you can get the same material for a better price JUMP ON IT ASAP!


In the picture  Love Always starting at $110.00 at the top VS  Jennifer Zeuner starts at $260.00 estimate  is at the bottom!