Monday, March 25, 2013

Fashion Week New Orleans "CoLab"

On Saturday i had the pleasure of attending Fashion Week New Orleans and it was a hit.  I must say i'm a sucker for uniqueness and what i was most impressed about, was that not only was there street wear in the runway shows, there was also couture. Yes, let me write that again, there was also which was the highlight of my night and i'm more than sure it will  be talked about months ahead!

One of the Show stopping shows was from CoLab, not only did these two women bring 
Couture to the forefront, they represented the style of a certain "unknown" woman from NOLA, whose style was just as unique as our city itself. Elizabeth Shannon, whose a sculpture and Kate McNee whose a designer formed CoLab and broth Fab to us!  

 Take a LOOK!

I found more info about the ladies on but they stold the show for me, i only attend the show on the last day, but these  ladies gave me much more than i expected.... Fashion Week kicked it up a notched from last year.. Check out the Video Below