Saturday, March 2, 2013


 What doesn't kill me makes me Stronger.....

I'm very excited on the direction my line is going in.God has really blessed me with a family that supports me and care enough to correct my wrongs and love me, even when i'm wrong, at the same time  loving my Fashion. I never post this but my sister and i haven't always had a great relationship but we are making things better and spending more time with each other, which i love, i;m starting to learn more and more about these women that i never knew and its crazy because we came from the same man and woman, but that goes to show you, we are all adults and live our own lives the way i have 2 sisters Yosha and Nicole..They call me for Fashion Tips, which i love and  we made it our duty to take time out of our busy schedule and go out to lunch once a week and teach each other something. I'm a very bless woman and i feel like its my time to shine, the God I serve have granted me and designed this time just for me, call it what you want but, only if you knew what battle i'm fighting and had to fight, too get to where i am, but i would not change it for the world! I would carry my cross with me all the way thru!

ASOS CURVE Sweat Top in Metallic Cross- Asos Wedge Sneakers