Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hips and Curves Halloween Looks

As a little curvy girl, my mother would always dress my sister and i up for Halloween and this was one of those holidays were she went all out. I'm talking popcorn balls, candy, scary movies, pecan candy homemade ghost (that't right homemade) our home turned into a mini hunted house , but as i grew i became more into the costumes and Its that time again.

Its that time for us curvy ladies to become that superhero, Vixen, sexy Cinderella etc... That we wish we could be on a daily bases. My favorite place to shop for costumes are Hips & Curves..they never let me down when it comes to  Halloween costumes. They took our "she's such a cute little Cinderella  and made it into a Adult version "Sexy Cinderella" that i think out boyfriends, husbands and men who, just don't want to admit that they have love for curvy women" heads turn....

Look Book 

Prices range from $4.95 for an item Up to $49.99
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