Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Layers of Fashion

On the break of Hurricane Issac and as it drives toward  NOLA (ironically on the same day Hurricane Katrina Hit 7 yrs ago), i set in a hotel room in Houston and do some fashion blogging. On Saturday i was in NY and walked the board walk on Coney Island. Layers is always a good way to go, i took a dress i wore from Asos and placed a Summer sweater i purchased from T.J Maxx on top and it was a great Board walk look. Check it out.
Dress from Asos.com $47.68
Top from T.J. Maxx. $12.99
Sandles from Old Navy $10.00
Hat from Harlem Shop $5.00
Watch Fossil $175.00
Earrings From Charlotte Russe (6months ago) $8.00