Thursday, August 30, 2012

Curvy Fashion SpotLight

I'm written this blog post, as an inspiration to all us CURVY women who are working hard to become healthy and to find that healthy woman that is within us. This young lady is not only inspiring me, but many of her Facebook friends and personal friends are very proud of her and driving by her hard work to become a healthy CURVY WOMAN..and best believe me, she's the definition of a Curvy WOMAN...


JAMAICA (top) is rocking ASOS CURVE Exclusive Body-Conscious Dress In Giraffe Print that retails for $51.09. Yall all know that Asos is my favorite online retailer for Curvy woman. Jamaica has lost over 50 + pounds and counting..She looks great and is the epitome of a Curvy woman....YOU GO JAMAICA keep being BEAUTIFUL! 

SN- Please excuse the bathroom photo i download the pic via Jamaica's FB.