Monday, July 23, 2012

The Makings of a Fashion Diva.

My life haven't been all glitz and glamour like some people would assume. I have struggles (still is) & cried many night praying to GOD for some type of break through, when all the while I was the one holding my self back. I post on Facebook " I'm seeing the world clearer now" and I am. I understand that my success and drive to be great at what I do, is all up to me. God has already answer my prayers, but I have to chose the right path to take. This life, I live, is not build for everyone, that's why I never dreamed of being someone else, I always knew I was an uncommon woman & unique. I'm learning how to take the good with the bad & leave some people in the valley. But, I also know how it feel to be in the valley. What I'm trying to say in so many words is this, I live the life that GOD has set before me and many will not like my choices but as stated "This is My Story". This is the makings of a Fashion Diva!

J. Wheeler
"seeing Fashion thru my eyes'
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