Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Re-live FWNOLA

Hey lovers here are some of my favorite looks from FWNOLA Runway Show day three! I'm super excited and can't wait until the next fashion week. I know its going to be bigger than ever!

 If you are a lover of fashion get involve, keep up with FWNOLA by going on their site and checking for dates on the next Fashion WEEK. In order for NOLA to revolve in the Fashion industry it takes us to do it. And, I'm calling on all of you PLUS SIZE Fashion lovers, if this is your passion, don't let it linger in the back of your head "MAKE IT HAPPEN"..........UNTIL THE NEXT FASHION WEEK NEW ORLEANS  LET FASHION DEFINE YOU..........

 Designer Alicia Zenobia 

 Top Designer Jose Luis Rodriguez 

 Top Designer Lenja Lassegue

 Top Designer Veronica Cheri 

 Designer Tony Horton

Designer Saks Fifth Avenue

Designer Xiomara del Carmen 

Designer Bundle Of Joy

Designer Little Town

Designer Loretta Jane

Designer So Chic  

Designer Herringstone

Designer Longford Market

Designer Lawren Michele