Friday, February 17, 2012

Mardi Gras Fashion.....

Hello Fashion defines me crew...NOLA the count down has began for the most anticipated Holiday of the year MARDI GRAS! For all of you who don't know, this is a holiday where fashion has no limit, the streets are a RUNWAY and you dress how you feel and let me tell you, i have seen some sights over my 27 years of Mardi Gras..

But, for my curvy ladies at times it can be hard to find clothing that will look amazing and be suitable for all that walking that is done on Fat Tuesday. So here are some items that i find to be very chic, but comfortable and can be paired with different shoes. The great thing about these items are that they can me mixed and matched with each other or anything that fits your style! You also have a range of colors that compliments the holiday and would not disappoint. All items can be found on ASOS CURVE SITE ENJOY! 

Scoop Neck Tank $17.91

Pencil Skirt in Colourblock Stripe $44.76

Conflower Blue Skinny Jeans $57.30 (offered in diff colors)

Floral Capri Pant $71.62 & Blazer $116.38

Rope Tie Jumpsuit $80.57