Saturday, February 25, 2012

Countdown to "Fashion Week New Orleans"

Fashion lovers we are a 0 days away from the most anticipated Fashion Week in the South, "Fashion Week New Orleans".  FW NOLA  have announced the Feature Designers of 2012........  I must say when i seen the list I was very excited for two designers in particular........

Eshonna Trice "Eletrik",  a native of New Orleans and she is a student majoring in Fashion Design.  I have seen her work and this young lady makes clothing that is fit to be put in stores NOW.

Molly Stackhouse "MESDRESS" Molly also graduated from my Alma Mater, LSU in 2010. She has an degree in apparel design and i have seen her work first hand in LSU Human Ecology. What i love about Molly is that she " strive to be innovative within the boundaries of wearable garments". 

The list feature an array of designers and i'm predicting, clean, edgy, romance, classic, modern, sophistication and personal touches in each collection. This will be epic!!!!!!!

Feature Designers of 2012
Alicia Zenobia- Winner of FW NOLA 2011 Design Competition is returning to Fashion Week New Orleans 2012 as a featured designer. 
Cherelle Yvette
Cutting Edge Diva
Dolce Cabo
Enchanted Enfant
Grayson Gold
Kano Branon
Lawren Michele
Loretta Jane 
Michele Marie 
Xiomara del Carmen

More info on each designer can be found  HERE
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