Friday, December 16, 2011

My Journey thru LSU!

I have been going over experiences and lessons that i have learned while studying what i love *FASHION & BUSINESS*. The one topic that each and every professor, teacher, attorney, philanthropist and dean have been telling me is  " Your Attitude would bring you places that experience can't ,you come to college to get the knowledge that you need but, its up to you to use it and elaborate on what you can and can not do and NEVER LIMIT YOUR SELF. You can do what YOU SAID YOU CAN DO ".  I go to my professor's and others to get advise or just to soak up information about the business field that i'm striving for. This road has been a long one at LSU.  I was suppose to graduate in 2010 but that did not happen. I worked my fingers to the bone, study my ass off and sacrificed a lot, all for my education and i would not change a thing. When i took my last final it was surreal and as i was driving off campus, i looked around and loved what my eyes and memory captured throughout my experience there. As a student walking the campus, food in one hand, study guide in the other and my book bag on my shoulder, as i race to another class to gain the essentials that i need in life, i would think to myself  "people on the outside have no clue on how much of  hard work and dedication it takes to get a degree. College has always been on my list of things to do, but it was my Uncle Antoine wife Temeka, auntie Dorthy, Ruby Bridges and more who inspire me to go to college. Knowing that they have gained something that would take them a long way in life, put a spark in me and my journey began. It all started in 2005 when i enrolled at Delgado Community college. I only attend Delgado for one semester then Katrina happen.  I moved to Oklahoma but school was always on my mind! In the spring of 2006, OSU-OKC i enrolled and never looked back, i gained an Associate in Business Technology, then learned that LSU had Fashion Merchandise......ON THE ROAD BACK TO LOUISIANA...

 I enrolled at LSU in Fall of 2008 as a Visiting Student to see how i would like it and i fell in love! I cross enrolled at BRCC and took some classes that were cheaper, but i still had to seat out for 2 semester because i could not afford to go. Spring 2010 i was back at LSU..... Many people don't know that i payed my way through college, working full time, student loans and not spending money on things that i did not need, i had a plan, and SATAN himself wasn't able to stop the fire GOD placed in my heart to gain my education. Maintaining a 3.5GPA and working full time was hard but YES LORD I DID IT! 

What have been playing over and over in my head is " What would i do when i graduate?  Would my dreams come true?  Would i find a job to support ME in the mean time?" But it wasn't until my drive on campus after taking all my finals when GOD spoke to me and stated "
DIDN'T I TELL YOU I WILL PROVIDE ALL YOUR NEEDS IF YOU TRUST  IN ME JORDANA, LET ME DO MY JOB AND YOU DO YOURS!"....John 15:7 played in my head "if you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you....At that moment i realized that i'm worrying for nothing! It took me 5 years to complete my degree and now that i can taste it, Oh'my it feels so good. I worked toward something that i can say, this is mines and i earned it. I felt on hard times but as i stated, i would not change a thing! I am the first person in my Family to graduate from college, even thought i wish i wasn't, i'm proud that i am. I hope to be an inspiration to others, like someone was an inspiration to me!....I truly believe that we are born to learn and grow in order to educate others. I'm not the smartest nor riches person in the world, but i be damn if i'm going to be ignorant. 

 I chose to go too school to make something out of myself, i refuse to work hard for others like my family did, not saying that was a bad thing, because we never went without but my family sacrificed more then i know. Not only did i complete my degree for myself, i did it for my mother Louise, My father's Donell & Billy,  my auntie's, My sisters Yosha & Nicole, cousins and friends, who all got caught up with life and did not take the time out to better their education. But, i'm even motivated by the ones who are expanding their knowledge and taken care of a family!  I don't know what path or success the lord has in store or going to take me on, but i'm letting HIM do the driving, because FAITH WITH OUT WORK IS DEAD and i'm faithful GOD is going to DO what he Said he would DO! 

 I'm Officially an LSU Alumni......